Todd Emaus
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Hi, I'm Todd.

I help founders & leaders build momentum and grow world changing companies.

It takes outside perspective, support, and intentional effort to realign toward the life that you truly want. 

If you're a leader and you feel stuck, alone, or just know that something needs to change...I'm here to help.


My Work

I partner with leaders and teams determined to be their best, destined to build organizations that matter, uncompromising in being themselves.

My clients are committed to their growth and willing to do the work necessary to get there.

Whether you’re encountering growing pains or simply know that you or your team can perform at a higher level, there are paths forward.

Could I help? Learn how I work with leaders & teams.


My Story

My life has been a continually pursuit of purpose and meaning in work - to bring my full self and all that I’m capable of to the world. Anything less has never been an option.

Life is too short to play small; too short to not confront the fears and beliefs that want to hold me back

Along the way, I’ve founded businesses, raised capital, built teams, and completely burnt myself out. I've lived (and suffered) the hustle. I know how invigorating and depleting it can be, and do my best to share what I’ve learned along the way.

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