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I partner with founders and leaders willing to make a simple bet:

Integrating deeper levels of consciousness and intentionality in your work pays off in the bottom line - both in business and in life.


Founder & Leadership Coaching

You've made a habit of breaking through walls, but on the other side there's always the next obstacle waiting. 

You might feel a bit out of control, alone. You know you're capable of better - just not sure how to grasp it.

My coaching helps leaders find their way. Uncovering deeper levels of authenticity and vulnerability drives impact and purpose.

My coaching is fierce in calling you forward; compassionate in the struggle; and relentlessly aimed at your growth.

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Wilderness Offsites & Retreats

Time spent in the wilderness offers a chance to disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with clarity and purpose.

For teams, I guide wilderness offsites that leave the whiteboard and spreadsheets behind, trusting that all we need is each other to find the path forward. Our aim: to create strategic alignment (and even excitement) across the team.

For founders feeling a bit lost in the hustle, the wilderness offers chance to step away from it all. To reconnect with yourself and your truth. I guide solo and group retreats tailored for your personal and professional growth.


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If you think I may be able to help, reach out and we can explore together.