Founder & Leadership Coaching


You've made a habit of breaking through walls, but on the other side there's always the next obstacle waiting. You might feel a bit out of control, alone. You know you're capable of better - just not sure how to grasp it.

Coaching helps leaders find their way - uncovering deeper levels of authenticity and vulnerability which in turn drive impact and purpose.

My coaching is fierce in calling you forward; compassionate in the struggle; and relentlessly aimed at your growth.

Co-Founder & Executive Team Alignment

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Getting clear on what matters most often takes intentional time together to regroup and realign.


A facilitated offsite helps your team to step out of the day-to-day, reconnect with each other, and align on the path forward. Together we'll design the experience that meets your team where you’re at today and sets you up for the jounrey ahead.

Wilderness Experiences:

While not always do-able, time spent in the wilderness offers a unique chance to disconnect from the hustle and reconnect with clarity and purpose.

I offer wilderness-based offsites for teams, and backcountry retreats for founders (both solo and with other co-founders) to provide a chance to step away from it all. To reconnect with yourself and your truth.


Startup Culture Building

Being intentional about your organization's culture is foundational to creating a sustainable, world-changing company.

I partner with founders and their companies to embark on a proven process to identify, refine, deliver, and reinforce your company's unique essence. Once identified, your culture code serves to guide all behaviors and decisions for the company - accelerating both growth and connection.


Let's Explore Together.

If you think I may be able to help, reach out and let’s explore.