May 19, 2017

Derek Sivers created a mini-movement of these Now pages (read more about it here). The gist is that you publicly declare your priorities - the things you're currently working on for all to see.

I need to take a stand for my work, so I'm starting the same. Just taking it up a notch and going to keep a running list of updates so one day I can look back on these and make fun of myself. This project is for me - to take a stand for my work and my life. As always though, you're free to join for the ride.

  • Taking a stand with a /now page that I intend to actually update.
  • Freaking out about what to do with my life and yet enjoying it all too ;)
  • Building a new program to help people start living the life they've always dreamt of living.
  • Stressing about whether to give The Outdoor Experiment a try.
  • Finally getting rolling on Mr. Robot Season 2 (So late that I sorta don't remember season 1 :/)
  • Digging the latest Day Wave and Perfume Genius albums. Wanna taste?

Btw...I’m happy to discuss opportunities around any and all of the above.

Todd Emaus