My Story

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. I’m intimately familiar with the incredible highs, lows, and all of in-between of doing your own thing.

I’ve started too many things to even count. Many were spectacular failures. Some had some real legs though.

I’ve raised venture capital. Hired and fired people for all sorts of reasons. Signed Fortune 500 clients. Laid off people that I consider friends.

I spent years chasing "success" and it took its toll. My health suffered. My marriage suffered. For many of the years I lost my best friend, my co-founder. I just burnt out.

I simply had never taken the time to actually define what success was for me - my deep “Why?”

My experiences have been hard, but good teachers for me.

Today, for me success is to know people, to love them, and to support their journey. To help you see your "Why?" with clarity and then to use your work as a catalyst for living a purpose-filled life.

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