My Story

Regardless of where you are in your journey, I’m here to help you discover more meaning and create more impact.

The hustle is relentless. I know...I’ve spent most of my life exactly there. Always striving and yet never arriving where I intended. 

I struggled through years of pretending that I had it all figured out, that I was ok, that I was “successful.” 

It was exhausting. And it was also a powerful teacher once I was finally willing to listen and learn.

I partner with exceptional people (like you) to redefine what it means to lead. To lean more fully into your truth. To live divided no more. To grow into the best version of yourself.

Winning At All Costs

“Life is a game” my dad frequently said as I grew up. 

Well if that was the case, then I was going to win dammit.

At first it was grades in school that kept the score. Then getting into the best university. Then getting a great job. 

When that didn’t satisfy I started my first business. We named it Equation Ventures because it sounded legit and our mission was explicitly “take money out of the equation of life.” We intended to win life by racking up a high score as measured by money.

Upon failing at our mission I was lost and decided to get my MBA at Michigan. A chance to rub shoulders with the business leaders of tomorrow. A stamp of approval on my resume I thought. As graduation neared, Fortune 500 companies came to recruit me. I didn’t want to work for those companies. That wasn’t winning. 

I had to do my own thing if I was going to win. I founded a startup in Los Angeles. The fear of failure was intense. We became masters of the pivot - willing to shift into any and all industries if it kept us in the game.

Eventually we found something that hit. A viral loop meant users were flooding our barely-anything-at-all product. We raised venture capital, built out a team, got a sick office not far from the beach. We hustled like mad. 

At times it was massive fun. Other times were much darker. The fear of failure was crippling. Loneliness and depression became regular companions on the journey.

Sometimes these extremes were separated by just hours.

Coping meant long days at the office trying to keep things afloat, usually followed by drinks afterwards to numb the intensity of it all. My marriage began to crumble. My friendship with my cofounder evaporated. My mental and physical health deteriorated. I told everyone who asked that “we were crushing it!" Inside, I was being crushed.

I was sacrificing it all to win; and losing myself in the process.

A New Way of Being

I can be a stubborn asshole, so things had to get pretty bad before I was willing to consider getting helping. Eventually, exhausted of hating one another, my co-founder and I decided to go on a leadership retreat. It was there that I got my reboot and met a coach who I began working with.

This was the inflection point in my life.

I began to look inward for answers instead of always seeking some external life victory. I started noticing the stories that I had been telling myself - many for decades - about who I am or who I need to be. Tearing down the bullshit wasn’t easy and everything didn’t magically get better.  

In fact many harder days were ahead. The difference was that when those moments arrived I was clear on who I was - as both a person and a leader. 

One of those harder moments showed me that it was time to leave the day-to-day at the company. I knew that staying was not the place for my continued growth 

My life and my decisions became my own; no longer grounded in a fear of losing. I had already won, I was alive and I was me.


Not long ago, I called my father to ask him about his Game of Life. I shared my determination to win and he laughed before sharing: “games aren’t all about winning, they’re meant to be played and enjoyed.”

He was right. I hadn’t been playing my own game. I certainly wasn’t enjoying much of it. 

Leaning into my truth, I noticed that there was a much richer, aligned life for me to live.


I'm proud of who I am, but I am not perfect. My anger can get the best of me. I bite my nails and hate doing it.

I have not arrived, but I have found meaning in the journey.

I have two amazing kids who remind me daily how important presence and play are to a well-lived life. Balancing it all isn't easy, but that's the fun of life. You get to create whatever it is that you want, if you allow yourself.

I’m a meditator and triathlete, knowing that my mind and body are paramount to my experience in the life.

I’m committed to being a present and kickass father to my two young kiddos. Playing and exploring the world with them have been some of the best moments of my life. But raising kids is one of the greatest challenges of my life.

I choose to regularly escape the hustle of life and spend time in the wilderness. In solitude I find that I can access a truer, more beautiful version of myself, stripping away the ego that tries to convince me that I am not ok as I am.

I seek out relationships and experiences over possessions. For those are what truly make my life rich.

In my work, I walk alongside amazing people - founders, executives, leaders, and their teams - serving as a guide for living authentic and impactful lives. 

What I Believe

  • I believe that from birth we're bombarded with ideas about who we should be and what's important. It's all bullshit.
  • I believe that we’re all on an adventure; playing an amazingly enjoyable game called life.

I believe that life is an amazingly fun play and enjoy.
I believe that winning at life is being present in each moment.
I believe that we can reclaim what's ours. Our life.

I believe that meaningful work can be yours.
I believe that business can change lives.
I believe that it takes authenticity and vulnerability to be an effective leader.
I believe that effective leaders create change in both the people that they lead.
I believe that teams of people create new, great things.
I believe that conversations can change lives.

I believe that real conversations are powerful and unfortunately too rare.
I believe that you are powerful.

If a conversation might support your journey...

I enjoy few things more than meeting new people, so let's find a time to chat.

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