Hey CFT, 

Today I found out about the 75 hours of paid coaching requirement for the International Coaching Federation's ACC credential. While I have worked with a few paid clients, I need to step up my game in being bold in finding more.

Do You Want Help Building Your Business?

I know there are a number of you exploring how to build a business, perhaps for the very first time. I know how difficult, lonely, and confusing it can feel. I also sense that for some, you might be feeling a need for support in that effort.

If that sounds like you and you're one of those smiling faces below then I want to offer up my coaching to help you start a grow a business aligned with who you are, the impact you dream of, and the lifestyle that you want.


Yea, I'm extending this to our guest instructors too, because: 1) the thought of coaching them scares me, and 2) I'm curious to support people at all stages of building a purpose-driven business.

Why I'm Offering This (aka My Journey)

My path in life has been deeply rooted in entrepreneurship. I have founded a number of companies (many spectacular failures, a few solid successes) along the way. Most recently, I founded Twenty20, an Internet startup that I raised venture capital for and has really done quite well.

Five and a half years building Twenty20 also REALLY burnt me out. Working with my own coach empowered me to not only grow the business with integrity, but also to eventually have the chutzpah to leave the day-to-day operations. To take some time away to realign and reflect.

Today I feel so, so much in love with my wife and our two young kiddos. I'm also excited to be building a young, but exciting coaching practice that helps others build heart-based, purpose-driven, bad-ass businesses.

I see so much potential in people, like you, bringing their full-selves to their work. I also know that doing so can be incredibly lonely, perplexing, and sometimes exhausting.

Having someone in it with you as your coach doesn't "solve" those things but it does give you support and outside perspective to see your own blindspots and opportunities. The ultimate goal being to hopefully save you hours of frustration and spinning your wheels as you build the business that you want.

That's at least my hope in offering this up.

Because I Want to Be 100%

I need to admit that I feel a little weird charging my CFT classmates for coaching. However, I also believe that a financial commitment helps you fully commit to showing up for yourself and for the business that you want to create.

I'd like to offer up a first session with

My hope is that price makes this a no-brainer for people serious about building a business, but also helps you commit to carve out the time and space to truly make progress.

Note: At this stage in my coaching journey, if we have a session and for any reason you don't find our conversation valuable, then I want and need to refund your payment. 

My Approach

My goal in working with clients is to take an aligned, direct path to building your business. To help you get clear on: your unique story, your target market, how you will serve, and how you might reach them. To stare your fears in the face and see them for what they really are. To get unstuck.

There are also times where I may sprinkle in some of the more effective approaches that I have seen (strategies, marketing tactics, website best practices).

The goal always is to help you find the approach that is right for your business, your lifestyle, your impact.

If This Would Be Helpful to You

Here's how to set up a session for us to chat:

Step 1

Use the button below to setup a time for us to meet.

Step 2

That's it for now. We will dive in at our scheduled time.

For now, relax and dream about the business that you want to create. Don't hold back. Want what you want. You can do it. I'll be looking forward to supporting you.